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Purchasing or selling a home or commercial property is no small undertaking. Whether you’ve been through the process before or it’s your first time, there are legal issues and contractual requirements that can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s important to know that even experienced real estate agents are generally prohibited from offering advice and guidance on legal matters. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a real estate lawyer prepare and review existing documents and oversee the process. These transactions are extremely expensive, and they should be handled with the utmost care and attention. 

Blatt Law Group offers a variety of real estate legal services that can help you ensure that all commitments are fulfilled and that your interests are protected. We can also assist you with negotiating letters of intent, purchase and sale agreements, and commercial lease contracts. 

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Laws

The real estate market has changed rapidly in recent years. The stakes are now higher, and buying and selling are more complex than ever before. One of the biggest reasons for this is that demand is disproportionately higher than supply. No matter where they’re looking, people are now having to compete with large real estate companies and investors that make offers on homes that are often too high to beat. More and more residential buyers are also resorting to waiving inspections or similar strategies in order to give their offers an edge.

In this kind of market, it’s enormously important to have a real estate attorney participate in all phases of the buying and selling process. Each state and sometimes even cities have their own laws that regulate real estate transactions. Lawyers can help you understand how these laws apply to your purchase or sale, and work with you to ensure that you are not forfeiting your legal protections. The team at Blatt Law Group can provide you with legal advice regarding tax implications, homestead protections, the disclosure of information, and potential financial or civil repercussions. We can also draft and review all relevant paperwork to ensure your purchase or sale is legally sound. 

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Real Estate Legal Services in Indiana and Illinois

Far too often people see contracts and think they’re legally obligated to agree to every clause contained therein. What they don’t know is that mortgage companies and other parties may try to take advantage of you and get you to agree to something that’s not legally required, which actually works against your interests. Our Indianapolis real estate attorney has a background in mortgages and knows how to read behind the legal-sounding, coded language found in many contracts. We can help you spot any issues in these legally binding contracts and make sure that you do not agree to anything that works against you.  

Real estate transactions don’t just last a day. They take place over months and have consequences that can span decades. Don’t take a chance when you buy or sell your next home or commercial property. Our Indianapolis real estate lawyer can help you protect your financial interests. Our services include assessing purchase/sale agreements, ensuring regulatory compliance, overseeing negotiations, and assessing any documentation and contracts. We can also help with a wide range of commercial leasing matters, such as buying a new office building or leasing an existing space. With us by your side, you can feel confident going into closing. 

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